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2022 Member Challenge
2022 Member Challenge

2022 Annual Member Challenge: The Circus Comes to Canyon

Welcome to Canyon’s 2022 annual member challenge.
This year’s theme is The Circus Comes to Canyon.
Members were encouraged to interpret the theme in any way they wanted to and to explore how they felt as a child.

Learn about the theme of the 2022 Canyon member challenge.

To give you an idea of the scale of the quilts, all quilts are 14″ square.
We hope you enjoy viewing each of the 23 quilts shown in the gallery below.

2022 Award Categories

Viewer's Choice

  • Best Use of Color. Life is a Circus – Smell the Roses, Cynthia Lyons-Dailard
  • Best Use of Theme. Rosie and Posy Under the Big Top, Christine Brock
  • Most Creative. Circus Balancing Act, Tara Ritacco
  • First Timer’s Award. Run Away to the Circus, Nancy Wolfing
  • Website Viewer’s Choice. It’s a tie!
    • Circus Balancing Act, Tara Ritacco
    • Rosie and Posy Under the Big Top, Christine Brock

President's Choice

  • President’s Award. Rosie and Posy Under the Big Top, Christine Brock

View the Quilts Close Up

Click on any quilt to enlarge it.
Then use the right and left arrows to move through the quilts, which displayed in alphabetical order.
The three First Timer entries are grouped at the end of the gallery and are flagged with “**” at the beginning of the quilt name.

When you finish viewing the larger images, click “VIEW ALL QUILTS” (in the aqua heading above the quilt gallery) to change the view from one large image to multiple images.

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