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Royal Family Kids Camp
Royal Family Kids Camp

Canyon Quilters Support Giving

Canyon supports giving back to our community. We support the philanthropic organizations highlighted on this page by contributing completed items in support of their mission statement. Our August Guild meeting is all about philanthropy. This means Canyon members (and guests!) work together on projects for these organizations. We get hands on and have some fun at the same time.

Our Guild members have big hearts. So in addition to supporting the philanthropic activities of the Fuild, many members give a helping hand to aid other causes throughout our community.

August 2021 Canyon Quilters Philanthropy Project

This year’s philanthropy project benefits Veterans’ Village and other local non-profits if we have extra finished products. It features items that can be completed in a short amount of time.

Quilt As You Go Placemat or Potholder

If you want to use your stash, then download or print the directions using the buttons below.

After you finish making your placemat(s) and/or potholder(s) arrange to return them. Email us using an  Email Philanthropy  button below.

Philanthropy Project Aug 2021

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Royal Family Kids | One of the Philanthropy's We Support
Camp 2021

Royal Family Kids Camp

Every summer a group of volunteers from City View Church in San Diego, takes 30 children to a week-long camp. The children range in age from 7 through 11. These are foster children who come from abused and abandoned backgrounds and are given this life-changing experience. For the past several years Canyon made and gave each of these children a quilt of their own. They pick out a quilt at camp and then take it home with them.

Each January Kay Laboda begins collecting quilts. Then in July, the quilts are distributed to the kids at camp. See Kay for details or send email using an  Email Philanthropy  button on this page.

Royal Family Kids | One of the Philanthropy's We Support
Camp 2021
Veteran Receiving Quilt

Veterans Quilts

Since 2005 Canyon members have made quilts for local veterans’ organizations. These include the VA San Diego Healthcare System, Balboa Naval Hospital, Warrior Foundation/Freedom Station, Veterans Village of San Diego and Veterans Home of Chula Vista.

We honor our veterans by using 100% quality cotton fabrics and doing our best workmanship. A good size for a donated quilt is about 54” x 66”. Smaller and larger sizes also work, however they are in less demand.

You can help out in many ways, for example: cutting fabrics for kits, piecing, quilting, binding and sewing labels on finished quilts. We greatly appreciate your help!

The Veterans Projects Committee welcomes your donations of finished quilts, quilt tops and fabric. When you’re ready you can turn in your donations at a guild meeting, to a member of the committee or by emailing the Veterans Committee Chair, using an  Email Philanthropy  button on this page.

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